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Choosing the Right Pediatricians for Your Child

A pediatrician is a doctor who went through specialized training to ensure the well-being and treat the illnesses of children from birth up to twenty-one years old. He or she has passed a comprehensive examination on infant, children and young adult health care, and is certified by the Board of Pediatrics. Your pediatrician will confirm whether your child is developing naturally and give guidance on his or her care.

More often than not, you have already identified a pediatrician you can work with when your child reached middle school. But circumstances may arise wherein you may need to scout for a new doctor such as the retirement of your present pediatrician or your relocation to a new neighborhood.

The doctor you should pick should be someone you trust and communicate well with. The reason is whoever you will choose will become someone you’ll be working with for a long period of time. It goes without saying that the doctor’s personality, care philosophy, clinic and staff should conform with your preferences. So how do you look for a new pediatrician?

Verify with your insurance.

To know the doctors who are in your network, place a call to your insurance company. You may try to log on in your insurance company’s website and search for this information. Make a list of the pediatricians practicing in your area who will accept your insurance.

Ask for referrals.

You can always ask your social circle if they know of any exceptional pediatrician. It is very likely that they can recommend someone because of their experiences with their own children. You can ask them personally or resort to social media so you can reach more.

Compose your questions to correspond with your needs.

It is imperative to form a picture of what the doctor is like. Upon getting recommendations from family and friends, follow-up with a few, specific questions.

It could be enlightening to ask how their own child responds to the pediatrician. You may also ask how willing the doctor is to entertain any questions. Ask if the doctor is able to explain well and fully how children grow and develop over time.

Determine from the referrer how long the pediatrician spends time with a child during consultations, as well. The actual length of time should not matter. What you are looking for is that the parent feels he or she was given enough time to understand his or her child’s health concerns.

Come up with the standards you are looking for and cannot compromise.

You may like better a female pediatrician compared to a male one. It could be that you would rather have an older physician with more experience, or you prefer a younger one with new ideas.

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