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Reliable Information About Medical Marijuana Myths about marijuana are increasing. But not all are true. Have you even research for yourself to know the true effects of marijuana? Before you join the crowd of haters of marijuana, read this article first and let us see if you still believe this illogical myths. Marijuana is a habit-forming. This statement is incorrect. Marijuana is not a habit-forming. In medical researches, there are more things that can be addiction than marijuana such as nicotine, alcohol and caffeine. OxyCotin and marijuana are similar. OxyCotin is used as a painkiller in the history but was abused by the 20.4 million Americans in 2006. Medical marijuana is much harmless than OxyCotin. Marijuana can be dangerous to your body. Deaths from some approved medicines of the FDA are increasing yearly. While marijuana has no records of fatalities due to its consumption.There is no record of deaths yet from using marijuana. It is not true when the people think about marijuana causing cancer such as cigarette smoking causes cancer. In a single day, a consumption of twenty or more cigarette sticks is the average for a single smoker. The consumption of medicinal marijuana is much lesser than a consumption of an average smoker in a day.
The Beginners Guide To Marijuana (Finding The Starting Point)
Your immune system will become weaker if you use marijuana. This was concluded on a research about medicinal marijuana in 1980. After that particular experiment, the following experiments related to that have never had similar conclusions. Marinol was even accepted by the FDA. It is a drug similar to THC that deteriorates your immune system.
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IV. Marijuana is not medicinal. This is wrong, There are a lot of medical uses in marijuana especially in California such as treatment for cancer, AIDS, arthritis, migraines, and anorexia. But also, it has more illness that it can treat such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and insomnia. Its recent biggest experiment is that if it can treat or prevent Alzheimer’s disease. V. If decriminalized, it can be mistreated or illegally sold. It is pathetic to think that it cannot be legalized just because of the thought that it can be illegally sold or abused. There are permitted drugs that are being abused every day such sleeping pills and painkillers. Also, if it can be used as a treatment for severe illness such as AIDS and can be used as extreme painkillers, why would still they choose to let the patients suffer and still not allow it to be a medicinal drug? These are some examples of irrational statements. It is up to you to weigh the positive and negative effects after you carefully research about this. The opprobrium of this plant is incorrect and needs to be corrected in order to save patients that are waiting to be treated.